Hours of Operation

Mondays to Fridays - 7am to 7pm
Saturdays - 7am to 2pm
Closed on Public Holidays, Sundays and additional 6 days as permitted by Early Childhood Development Agency

Our light meals includes

Light breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon tea


Enrolment information

Level  Age Group
Nursery 1 Year the child turn 3
Nursery 2 Year the child turn 4
Kindergarten 1 Year the child turn 5
Kindergarten 2 Year the child turn 6




Enrichment Programmes

Computer Aided Programme (Optional)



Our planned and reliable framework of routines is designed to provide a conducive and caring environment for every child. Our varieties of stimulating activities are designed to help in their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The curriculum comprises the following components.

Core Component
The core component highlights the creative teaching of languages (English and Chinese), Mathethematics and Sciece. Our integrated and thematic approach combines stories, songs, language activities, reading and writing.

Creative Component
Music & Movement
Movement activities are conducted to help enhance children creative expressions and self-esteem.

Creative Art & Craft
Art activities are conducted to provide learning opportunities to nurture thier creativity. Children can experiment with paints and scrap materials.

Physical Component
Outdoor Playground
The outdoor playgroud provides children with the physical and educational aspects of play. It also helps to develop thier gross motor skills or large muscles.

Indoor Manipulative Play
Initiated and structured activities are designed not only to develop thier problem solving skills but also thier fine motor skills or small muscles.

Social Component
Children will learn the importance of social values in our multicultural society.Children also learn to function as a member of a group, example: how to get along with each others, to share and to take turns.

One time registration fee: $50 (Non-Refundable)
Deposit: $600 (refundable)
Full day care: $600 per month.
Eligible for government subsidy (Singaporean child only);
   Working mother - $300
   Non working mother- $150
Optional programmes are charged separately

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